Clone Drops 3-10-2016

Clone Drops! At Kind People’s Collective in Santa Cruz, we dropped: Clementine, Citrus Sap, Critical Kush, AC/DC, Mango Kush, Sunset Sherbet, Sour Tangie, Super Skunk, Phatt Fruity, Blueberry & Platinum Purple. At Elemental Wellness in San Jose, we dropped: Black Lime Reserve, Sour Tangie & Gorilla Glue. At Harborside in San Jose we dropped: Sour…

Clone Drops! 2-25-2016

Clone Drops! We dropped: Gorilla Glue, Cookies, Sunset Sherbet, Diamond OG, Blueberry, Sour Tangie, Clementine, Dosido and Mango Kush @kindpeoples5 We dropped: Clementine, Cookies, Sour Tangie & Dosido @HHCSJ and we dropped: Blueberry Cookies, Sour Tangie, Gorilla Glue & Mango Kush @elemental_nursery #MFClonedrop #CannabisClones #PremiumGenetics #HappyStarts #Cannabis #MMJ #SFBay #BayArea #Trees #growyourown #Growatmidnight #worldreefers #growtrees…

Clone drops! 2-11-2016

Clone Drops! We dropped: Clementine|Cookies|Gorilla Glue|Sunset Sherbet|Blueberry Cookies & Sour Tangie @HHCSJ, Diamond OG|Dosidos|Cookies & Gorilla Glue @elemental408 and Diamond OG|Super Skunk|Dosidos|Cookies|Pineapple Express|Platinum Purple|Black Lime Res.|Tahoe Cure|Sunset Sherbet|Blueberry Cookies|Purple Alien OG & Critical Kush @kindpeoples5 #MFClonedrop

Clone Drop 1-28-2016

Clone Drops! Harborside in San Jose we dropped: Tahoe Cure, Cookies & Blueberry Cookies. At Elemental Wellness we dropped: Blueberry, Critical Kush, Diamond OG, ACDC & Cookies and at Kind People’s Collective we dropped: Super Skunk, Trinity, Diamond OG, Cookies & Cream, Banana D, Blueberry, Alien Sour Apple, Triple X OG & Tahoe Cure. #MFClonedrop

Clone drops 1-21-2016

We dropped: OGKB, Sunset Sherbet, Triple X OG, Diamond OG, Cookies, Purple Alien OG, Sour Tangie, True OG, Tahoe Cure, Gorilla Glue 4, Bruce Banner 3, ACDC, Ghost OG, Trinity, Tahoe OG & Blueberry to @HHCOAK And at our new retail partner in Santa Ana, 420 Central! We dropped: Phatt Fruity, Purple Alien OG, Critical Kush,…

Clone Drop 1-6-2016

HS_deliveryservicesClone Drop! We dropped True OG|Platinum Purple|Blueberry Cookies|Diamond OG|Black Lime Reserve|Dosido|Blueberry & Mango Kush @HHCSJ.  (Harborside Health Center in San Jose)


We dropped: Black Lime Reserve|Blueberry|Diamond OG|Blueberry Cookies|Critical Kush|Dosidos|Platinum Purple|Purple Alien OG|Sunset Sherbet|Tahoe Cure & Phatt Fruity at Kind People’s Collective in Santa Cruz.