“Great cut you guys! Just wanted to give a BIG thanks and Kudos! for the BlackLime cut. Picked one up at Harbor last August. Seeds through Aficianado= $150. Cut= $14. No brainier there! You guys ROCK! This thing looks scrumdiddlyitious! Keep up the good work!”

-Matt (hotpepperhead72 via eMail)

“All I can say is if your looking for quality stop here; your search has ended. I have been sifting through CL, clubs, and venders for months getting crummy cuts that are poorly rooted or have other issues. I received some of these and they just took off they looked perfect from day one roots…

“Nice got the sherb, black lime reserve, and the diamond og. Ill let you know how they turn out. The cookies i swooped a year or two ago from you guys were super fuego so i look forward to running the bad bzs. Great work guys. Sharing is caring.”

-growhardorgohome420 (via Instagram)


“The big E is simply amazing same with black lime reserve, blueberry cookies, diamond og, mendo breath the terps are so dank i love these cuts, I would like to try all the others but i have no room just yet gotta practice patience i guess haha, much love and respect @midnight_farms_clones @allstarclones hope you…

Sunset Sherbet Photo courtesy of MichaelCynthia Leal

“Been growing your sunset sherbert and mango kush…both are phenomenal! The images are of sunset sherbert…just wanted to share and say thanks!”

-MichaelCynthia Leal