Becoming a Better Partner and Better Provider

It all starts with you!

In our quest to improve as your provider and partner, Midnight Farms is looking for your feedback and success stories on how our products have enhanced your lives for the better!  We want to know how our clones have helped you as a grower, as a distributor, and as a patient.  We want to know how we can be a better partner and provider and what critical information we can provide on a regular basis.  Please take a minute to send us a quick note and we look forward to hearing from you soon!



We have some great strains coming online that are available throughout California…keep checking back all this week and next to see what’s hot!   Please contact us via the Contact Us with questions and/or ordering. 🙂


-Midnight Farms

Billboard up in Beverly Hills!

If you find yourself Westbound on La Cienega Blvd at the S San Vicente Blvd interchange, you hopefully have seen our newest addition to the Midnight Farms Family…our Billboard!  Our babe rest right above on of our exclusive partners BARC. (Beverly Alternative Relief Center) If your around the L.A. area or San Fernando Valley etc…come…


Z Cubed

Fresh from the Chalice Festival we landed Z Cubed seeds from the folks at Dying Breed Seed Third Gen Genetics.  We are getting these in the ground as soon as we can to see what our Zkittles x OG x Zkittles deliver in terms of flavor, medicine, and yield.  Stay dialed in for more testing,…


Chalice Cup This Weekend!!

  If you are in the area or planning on being…Midnight Farm Oils will be in attendance to the industry’s very BEST festivals and competitions.  We are networking and talking with you about the future of the industry, how we will be better partners and provider, and ways we will keep our products clean and…


New and Exciting Updates are Coming!!

Here at Midnight Farms we are always working hard to deliver constant premium clones for you.  In fact we have been working so hard that we recognize we may have missed a couple of updates in the new year! 😛 We see it and have recommitted ourselves to our webpage freshness, social media, and direct…


New! Nitro Cookies – available now

We’ve recently added Nitro Cookies, from breeders “In House Genetics,” to our clones menu. We are big fans of their work, and Nitro Cookies is a terrific hybrid. It’s Animal Cookies x Gasmask and flowers in about 8-9 weeks. More pics and info to come!

New Partners!

We’ve been working hard for you this summer, expanding our facilities and broadening our clone menu. Now, there are even more places for you to pick up Midnight Farms Clones!  Check out our new partners:   Mr. Naturals, 521 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057             Sylmar Discount Collective 13864…


New seed pops at Midnight Farms

  Summer is rapidly approaching and we are looking ahead for new strains to add to our, already jam-packed clone menu. From time to time we get asked, “Do you guys grow flowers?” Since we mostly sell clones, I guess I can see how you might wonder about that. The answer, is an unequivocal, “YES!”…


Coming Soon…Even More Clones!!

Midnight Farms Clones is proud to announce that we are expanding our operations. We are opening a new, fully licensed facility that will double our growing space. We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from our retail partners and from you, our friends and patients! Soon, we will be able to supply new partners, making it…


Get MF Clone Drop alerts on your smart phone!

Just in time for Spring, we have a way that you can get alerts about Midnight Farms clone drops, right on your smartphone. We don’t have our own app (yet) but there is a simple way to get an alert on your phone (Android or iOS) whenever we make a clone drop and it’s totally free!! Here’s how…